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Best Genshin Impact Team Comps. In addition to optimizing the metagame, they allow you to unleash powerful new attacks — often. 5 best team compositions for genshin impact's ganyu 5) ganyu + mona + venti + diona

Um... Genshin Impact Official Community
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Multiple reactions comp (national team) xiangling; The following tier list features genshin impact’s most popular team compositions for the upcoming release. Whether you're fighting bosses, hunting monsters in the open world, or tackling the spiral abyss dungeon, these are some of the best team comps that can help you explore the world of teyvat.

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best F2P Teams.

We also recommend swapping either. Arataki itto can fit into some powerful team compositions (image via genshin impact) tariq hassan. In addition to optimizing the metagame, they allow you to unleash powerful new attacks — often.

3 Best Team Comps For Itto In Genshin Impact.

Genshin impact best teams tier list. Remember that double pyro characters give the team an atk boost! We also recommend swapping either.

In Yae Miko Electro Charge Team Comp, We Have Yae Miko, Xingqiu, Sucrose, And Kokomi.

With this team comp the goal is to activate the elemental bursts of the rest of the party first before activating raiden shogun's own elemental burst. Facebook twitter linkedin pinterest reddit whatsapp telegram share via email. In our genshin impact keqing build and best team comp post you will learn about keqing’s talents, how they work and how to upgrade them.

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Used Along With Our Tier List Of The Most Powerful Characters, This Selection Of The Best Genshin Impact Team Compositions Will Give You The Edge Over Your Enemies!

A ‘taser’ comp with kokomi, xinqiu, or mona for hydro, and then kazuha or sucrose. This is the best hydro team comp in genshin impact 2.4. She offers a mix of qiqi and.

Elemental Synergies Are Crucial In Genshin Impact.

Qiqi is quite possibly the best healer for zhongli, but noelle is the most defensive healer in genshin impact. Also, you will read about her constellations that will help you make keqing even more powerful. This team can deal multiple damage instances by using guoba, jellyfish, and oz simultaneously.

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